Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lets do our part to those who are lost and suffering in Puerto Rico.

Its been now 62 days since Hurricane Maria made landfall on my beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Since the tragic devastation of the sustaining winds of 155 MPH there has been overflowing waters, loss of food, power outages, and no water to the amazing and wonderful American people of Puerto Rico. They are still to date are struggling and hurting. And YES, they are STILL STRUGGLING AND YES, THEY ARE US CITIZENS.

Still, I want you to think for a moment of this invisible BULLY that ruins lives, kills love-ones, destroys homes and is a silent killer coming from the warm waters of the Carribean Sea. Now imagine still, you and your family are surrounded by water on all sided and can never leave and have to receive this abuse. Are you still with me? Imagine still, you can never leave and have no way of escape, NO ONE can help you and lost all your way of communication. Your water is dangerously low and the faucet is out, you have no lights and pretty soon only have a short amount of food to feed your family. WHAT CAN YOU DO, WHAT WILL YOU DO? Babies are crying, medicine is running low, grandma needs oxygen, grandpa needs dialysis, son needs his breathing treatment, daughter is depressed but you are trying to help everyone and trying to keep it together.

These are the many cases of many people on the island of Puerto Rico who are facing many grim and sad situations. How can you not look at these crises and not feel a connection to that mother, father, Abuelo, Abuela, son, hijo, hija, daughter, mama, papa and not be moved with compassion? You feel compelled to change the status they are enduring and want to send water or food immediately but don't know where to start. Unfortunately, just like many bullies, we don't see the effect till the aftermath, which given the effect of how things stacked up was very destructive to all the women, men and children in Puerto Rico. Shao Lin a reporter from The Conversational states that "Lasting home damage can induce anxiety and depression among the residents in the affected areas, especially for those with preexisting mental health problems... Puerto Rico is missing these basic services, making daily life more stressful and thus more likely to cause mental suffering over the weeks and months ahead." 

We want to meet these basic everyday needs that we sometimes forget are so essential and we take for granted. We want to send Puerto Rico a hug when it's SO NEEDED after a BULLIES ABUSE.  During which time we want to provide the essential needs necessary for the people of Puerto Rico by providing these basic needs.
We are selling shirt through our website and by the inktothepeople.com website and their campaigns. Please click on the shirt below and it directs you to the fundraising site to help us send items to Puerto Rico. Each dollar fundraised will help pay for shipping, water, hygiene products, food, batteries, flashlights and much-needed supplies to Puerto Rico. Remember each dollar amount will help 3 churches in ARECIBO, MOROVIS AND PUERTO NUEVO.  ARECIBO (will be supplying the much-needed help to a school in NARAJITO), MOROVIS church (needs to reconstruct and help their city, people, and children) and also the Iglesia Bautista de PUERTO NUEVO (they help their school, church, their parents, and the community). Please see the pictures of the items that have already been sent to one of these churches. We could not do this amazing work without you, we still more of your help to supply the extra help for many of the people suffering in Puerto Rico. One church is truly in need since their church was partly destroyed during Hurricane Maria in MOROVIS.
WE THANK YOU for your donation and all your help!God Bless