Thursday, May 25, 2017

Its really time to Speak Up people!

Hi everyone,

As I was preparing for my early birthday dinner with my husband I decided to scroll through the channels and it awesome to see the cartoons for a minute. YES, YES...don't remind me, I know my age but for a moment I loved watching the funny cartoons on TV and getting a glimpse of the childhood phenomenon for a second. And the chance to forget about ridiculous adult junk! Back to the story right, you're probably wondering where I'm going with this. I found that Cartoon Network has actually started a campaign to SPEAK UP against Bullying and has been doing this for Years. BRAVO CARTOON NETWORK for leading the charge against bullying and Speaking Up against Violence to others! We will definitely be joining you on your charge and quest to SPEAK UP!

So, Let's going Cartoon Network 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How can we encourage our kids and REMEMBER TO LISTEN!

As parents it is so difficult to know if our children are having trouble at school with grades,teachers or even lunch money let alone being bullied. Keeping an open line of communication and making our child always feel that they can come to us with any and all situations without them feeling that mom and dad won't go; (as they say -BALLISTIC), is a reassurance that we as parents can handle any and all situations with a cool and level head is a reassurance to them.
Our responsibility is to KEEP them safe but also to MAKE them feel safe and not overwhelmed them especially about the situation. 
Great example of this was Issac Irvine and his wonderful son Brodi; Brodi was being bullied at school for growing his hair out to help a unique cause and being called a girl by two mischievous and unkind boys. Issac Irvine an amazing father made an awesome video to not only help encourage Brodi but to show others that bullying is just not okay. 
The parenting style of this father is unique and amazing to say the least, HE WINS AN A+ IN MY BOOK. To not only diffuse the situation in Brodi but to uplift, encourage and love him and many others out there has created this video a huge phenomenon of HOPE. 

It's all about how we communicate to our children,