Monday, May 20, 2013

Blog Beacon to show awareness of Bullying

This Blog is a beacon to all those who love the Lord but feel helpless in the controversy of the Bullying topic. This site is here to help, encourage and support those who are looking for direction on how to handle a bullying situation. This site is not only tailored for teens and kids but we encourage all parents to please participate. We encourage words of encouragement and hope that by being here you will not feel alone. When we understand the impact this has on society and family units as a whole we as Christians can educate ourselves to be able to confront this issue with the will of the Father.

We as parents are here to impart knowledge (whether we have faced this issue ourselves in the past as teens and kids or maybe we ourselves were the aggressor and repented of those things that manifested within us that was not of love and was not the purpose of Father God).
As teens and kids this site is here as a safe haven. To listen, to learn and impart also your wisdom of how you are dealing or have dealt with any situation.

This site will provide many links to different organizations that will assist and also with different resources for you and your family to aid in the knowledge of this issue. Remember the word says:
Ecclesiates 7:12 "For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it."

We ask that we walk in the the love of the Lord while entering this site. That we treat each other with respect, whether we agree with what they have to say or not and again treating this as a safe haven for all. A place of agreement is a place of power. We should strive to show love and walk as Jesus walked and speak as Jesus spoke.

Please enjoy the site and love to be able to hear from everyone.


  1. I am the victim of adult workplace bullying. Bullying is cruel. It is a way for people who feel bad about themselves to take it out on others. Usually the victim is accomplished or has a trait the bully or bullies wish they had. So to try to break the victim down, they feel powerful. It has been the most hurtful but eye opening experience I have ever had. Victims, you are not alone. Stand strong and don't settle to be victims; be victorious!!!

    1. Amazing story. You are a grand testimony. Many adults do not understand that Bullying is no longer just a youth or child violence. It is so much more in the work force then ever before. Adults can bully because of frustration, exhaustion, pre-existing issues at home or many physical or mental imbalances. Many have taken it upon themselves to go up the corporate ladder by stepping on the little man and victimizing those that they feel are weaker than them. We must stand up in all locations and organizations. We are daughters and sons of the Most High God and God never meant for us to be a welcome mat to anyone. We are equal heirs with our Lord Jesus Christ.